Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
– II Corinthians 9:7

Why we give to the Church

God’s call for us to share our material gifts with the church and with those in need can be traced to the earliest narratives of our spiritual ancestors. From Abraham’s tithe, giving one tenth of his bounty to the priest Melchizedek, to the Jewish practice of gleaning to provide sustenance for the poor and for travelers. This obligation is described in Hebrew with the word tzedakah, which is often translated as “charity” but has a much broader meaning that includes a call to social justice.

In Christianity this material understanding of how we give back to God is expanded to encompass the way we live out the entirety of our lives. If there is an uncontested theme in the New Testament it is that the road to being a follower of Christ is paved with service to others. This all encompassing offering of oneself to God through Jesus Christ is the ongoing, transformational, redemptive process to which Christians believe the Church is called.

Because of this, we ask that members of our church give of their “Time, Talent, and Treasure” in helping to build up God’s world. While we appreciate monetary gifts and put them to good use, it is not by accident that “Time” and “Talent” come first in the triad. In this busy world, it takes a lot of effort to set aside time, and to explore the gifts we have to offer, but as a church we offer a supportive community and a forum to do just that.

Scripture teaches us that giving faithfully means…

Knowing What Matters


Balancing work and personal life


Prioritizing worship and prayer

JAMES 5:13-16

Volunteering to help others


Sharing Your Passion


Glorifying God in your daily work


Exploring the gifts God has given you


Sharing your skill to make the world a better place

1 PETER 4:10

Living Abundantly


Giving to the church and to charity


Supporting social and economic justice

JAMES 5:3-4

Being a good steward of your resources

LUKE 19:15-26